The buyer is the most important asset of our business. In recognition of this we have integrated, efficient and effective departments, which cater to our buyer`s needs and product requirements. We ensure prompt service and quality products at reasonable prices.

Corporate Gifts

We make substantial discounts on bulk orders for corporate gifts.

Some References:

Deutsche Bank-ITALY


Interior Design Projects(Hotels/Restaurants/Villas&Houses) and Museum gift shops

We successfully supply the decorative items for an oriental touch on interior designs.  We supply souvenirs for Museum gifts shops.

Some Projects:

- Four Seasons Hotels

- Farm House of Sheikh Mohamed Jameel

- British Museum

- The Viking Ship Museum

- San Antonio Museum of Art

- UBC Museum of Anthroplogy of Art


We make substantial discounts on wholesale demands. You can have more info about our wholesale service on Wholesale page.

Special/Custom Orders

We accept custom orders like size, color and design.



Your order will be delivered by the fastest and reliable courier services like DHL & FedEX.

Purchasing / Buying Agent

We find reliable suppliers who have quality products with competitive prices. We follow up your orders by cheking quality, packing and shipping processes.