Minekari Ewer

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Width 14.00 cm
Lenght 24.00 cm
Height 45,00 cm
Weight 1.90 Kg (4,19 Lbs )
In the treasure of Topkapı Palace, there are a number of enameled jewelries from the 16th and 19th centuries. Enameled clocks have an important place among these works. All the parts of these clocks were made by the same person, and they were expensive since the jewelry on it took a long time to complete. The sultans therefore used to present clocks to the ones they wished to award. These products were ornamented with gold, enamel, marquetry, and niello works. Minekari is an ornamentation technique formed with a colored glass coat on a metal. It is the name of the application made on a silver, copper, and gold whose spaces are filled with a colored glass coat. The performers of this work were called minekar. This product was created by interpreting the patterns on the clock decorated with silver minekari work from the reign of Sultan Ahmet II (18th century).
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