Sultan Mahpeyker Vase

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Width 20.00 cm
Lenght 20.00 cm
Height 32,00 cm
Weight 1.90 Kg (4,19 Lbs )
(1590-1651) (Sultan Mahpeyker) She was the wife of Ahmet I the Ottoman Sultan and the mother of Murat IV and İbrahim I. Sultanas played an active role in the management of the Empire and administration of the palace. Kosem Sultan was the sultana who started the period of “the Reign of Women” in the management of the Ottoman Empire. Kosem Sultan, who is remembered for her charity works, had a number of mosques, bridges, caravanserais, baths, fountains, hospices, and schools built all over the Empire. No other sultans had dowry as much as she had. This product was created by reinterpreting the patterns on Kosem Sultan’s chest in Topkapı Palace.
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