Natural Chamomile Soap

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<p>Chamomile is native to Europe and West Asia. It grows freely everywhere. Egyptians dedicate the chamomile to sun. According to hieroglyphic records, chamomile is used for cosmetic purposes since 2000 years. It is known by Romans and used for incense and beverages. It is accepted one of the"Nine Sacred Herbs" by AngloSaxons.</p> <p>Chamomile is considered to have calming, rejuvenating and relaxing effect. It is externally used for wound healing. It is used in soaps because of its property which adds a bright view to hair. It is also effective againts hair loss and black regions under the eyes. Chamomile can improve the texture of skin by reducing the lines caused by stress, pollution and sun. Chamomile also has a soothing and sedative effect which is harmless. Recette for bright hair is near you.</p>
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